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Our expertise is financing healthcare turnaround deals

We're known for getting the hardest deals done

Muchmore Capital is a licensed HUD Lender



JONATHAN COVEN launched Muchmore Capital in December, 2020 after 21 years at Greystone & Co. From 2014 to 2020, Jonathan created and led Greystone’s off-balance-sheet lending platform that arranged large bridge-to-HUD loans for nursing home, ALF and MC turnaround deals. Over this period, his team closed over $2.7 billion of deals, averaging $400 million per year. Since its 2021 start, Muchmore has closed $399 million turnaround loans.   

     Jonathan has strong relationships with owner/operators, banks, mezz lenders, and equity partners because he makes deals happen. He helps clients strategize to win bids, uncover hidden value, underwrite and conduct due diligence, and drive deals into the end zone.

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CHRIS PAINTER has 15 years of experience in healthcare, seniors housing, and multifamily lending.  Previously, Chris was a HUD Chief Underwriter at EagleBank in Bethesda, Maryland and Deputy Chief Underwriter at Suntrust Bank and Walker & Dunlop. He has underwritten and closed $1 billion in HUD loans since 2007 and financed $200 million in bridge-to-HUD loans for EagleBank from 2018 - 2022. 

     Chris is the Chief HUD Underwriter for Muchmore and is involved in all aspects of bridge and HUD take-out financing. He is a licensed CPA.

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TYLER LONDON joined Muchmore Capital in March of 2023. Tyler graduated with a BS and MBA from SUNY Binghamton in 2021 where he was a teaching fellow for Management IT courses. Before Muchmore Capital, Tyler worked at PwC in the Banking & Capital Markets Assurance Practice. Specifically, Tyler tested the financial strength of derivatives the banks held to mitigate their exposure from borrowing at floating rates and lending at fixed rates. To verify derivatives met FDIC standards, he used regression analysis to compare the present value of the payments received from the banks to the present value of payments the counterparty would make under a range of interest rate increases. Tyler is a licensed CPA

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Senior debt  •  Mezz debt  •  Equity



HUD 232 Programs  •  Bank loans  •  Insurance companies



Source deals  •  Arrange mergers  •  Find operating partners  •  Prepare RFPs  •  Conduct due diligence and site inspections

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Muchmore Capital

142 W 57th St

New York, NY 10019

11th Floor

Jonathan Coven, Founding Principal


Chris Painter, Chief Underwriter


Tyler London, Investment Associate



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